The Wieskirche

The Wieskirche is considered one of the most beautiful churches in rococo style. It was built between 1745 and 1754 by the brothers Johann Baptist and Dominicus Zimmermann.

In 1983 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage cultural site. The superbly furnished church of pilgrimage is dedicated to the “Scourged Saviour”. After a female farmer saw tears in the eyes of this figure in 1738, this led to smaller pilgrimages, and there were reports on answers to prayers. A small field chapel was erected, yet it quickly became too small for the large number of pilgrims who arrived and, as a result, the Wieskirche was built.

Located directly by the Wieskirche, a number of guest houses look after the physical well-being of the church visitors. In particular, we strongly recommend you to try the “Fensterkiachal”, also known as “Auszogene” (a pastry speciality fried in fat) and the pork roast with crackling at the guest house “Moserwirt”.


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