Säuling (2.047 m)

If you stand on your balcony at the SEESPITZ and look out over Lake Weissensee, you can see Säuling Mountain on the right. The Säuling is part of the Ammergau Alps and belongs to the Northern Calcareous Alps. The border between Bavaria and Tyrol runs directly across the summit.

The Säuling can be ascended from the Austrian and the German side. The Säuling is a very rewarding mountain thanks to its magnificent views: The view across the Ostallgäu Alpine Foothills with their many glacial lakes, the view of the Royal Castles, the views of the Tyrolean Mountains, the Tannheim Mountains, the Ammergau Alps and the Allgäu Alps.

Best season: Early July to late September, do not attempt in uncertain weather.

Starting points: Hohenschwangau / Bleckenau or Pflach (Reutte, Austria).

Destinations: The same locations or extend the tour.

Refreshments: Säulinghaus, at the Austrian side


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