Cross-country ski trails

Cross-country skiing in our beautiful Allgäu landscape is a very special nature experience in winter. The trails at Lake Weissensee and in the adjacent region offer all levels of difficulty, from beginners’ trails to tracks for professionals.

Weissensee cross-country ski trails
Up on the plateau towards Pfronten, easy trails without gradients, small loop and large loop, parking and access by Schneider construction business in Wiedmar. The trail only crosses a small road once. Please ask at the reception for snow conditions.

Eisenberg cross-country ski trails
A loop around the “Eisenberg” and “Hohenfreyberg” castle ruins, difficult trail with steep climbs and descents, very scenic, best access at “Gockelwirt” or trail connected to the Weissensee trail, but then plan 3 hours plus a stop for refreshments at the Gockelwirt or Bären in Zell.

Kögelweiher / Nesselwang cross-country ski trails
The trail of professionals (Michael Greis from Nesselwang, triple gold medal champion), very challenging trail with climbs and descents, refreshments at the Kögelalm, access at the Bären from Nesselwang toward Rückholz.

Tannheimer Tal cross-country ski trails – Tyrol
140 km of cross-country trails, reliable snow conditions, can be combined with alpine skiing, can sometimes be a little crowded.

Heiterwang cross-country ski trails
Very easy trail on the plateau by Lake Haldensee (Reutte towards Fernpass), reliable snow conditions.


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