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Hotel Seespitz

lange Genehmigungszeit,kurze Bauzeit long building approval stage, brief construction time Eine Baugenehmigung für den neuen SEESPITZ zu bekommen, war sehr schwierig. Es dauerte 8 Jahre. Der damalige Füssener Bürgermeister Otto Wanner hat sich sehr für mich eingesetzt. Auch ohne meinen damaligen Freund Architekt Wolfgang Deppe mit seiner eleganten Art des Umgangs mit den Behörden wäre nie etwas aus dem SEESPITZ geworden. 1988 war es dann doch so weit. Die Bagger konnten anrollen. Der Untergrund war sehr schwierig, Fels,Wasser, Lehm. Dank der von mir entwickelten „Garagenplanung“ ging der dann doch konventionelle Bau recht schnell. Die Bäder wurden als Stahlbeton-Raumzellen mit 4 cm Wanddicke fix und fertig in das Gebäude gehoben. Sie stehen auf Gummilagern. So breiten sich die Rohrge- räusche nicht im Haus aus. Auch Treppenhäuser und Lifte wurden mit einer Fuge vom Haus getrennt. So sind auch die Lift- und Treppengeräusche gefangen. planned. Everything is based on the grid dimensions of 1,80 m, 3,60 m, 7,20 m.To this very day, I still have all ground plans in my head.The stringent schema, how- ever, resulted in very economic construction costs. For 15.000 m3 of cubature, I required 3 million euros. The kindergarten is a separate building, separated from the hotel by joins.The outer walls are breathing brick walls.The apartments’ partition walls are non- reinforced concrete wall that prevent airborne stimuli, and the interior walls are log panel walls that, with their light weight, are good against structure-borne noise.Thus SEESPITZ has become a very quiet house, where guests can enjoy healthy living. It was very difficult to obtain the construction approv- al for the new SEESPITZ. It took 8 years.The former mayor of Füssen, Otto Wanner, was very committed to my cause and greatly supported me. Also without the invaluable help of my old friend, the architect Wolf- gang Deppe, who had a very elegant way of dealing with the authorities’ red tape, SEESPITZ would never have come into being. Eventually, in 1988, the time had come.The excavators could commence work. The underground was very difficult to work with. Rock, water, clay.Thanks to the“garage planning” concept, which I had developed, the conventional construction was concluded quite quickly.The pre-fab bathrooms were lifted into the building as complete reinforced concrete cubicles, with a wall-thickness of 4 cm.They are positioned on rubber bearings. Because of this, the sounds coming from the pipes are not distributed throughout the house. In addition to this, stairwells and lifts were separated from the house with the help of a join. In so doing, the sounds in the lifts and stair- wells also remain there. UNSERE GESCHICHTE – OUR HISTORYUNSERE GESCHICHTE – OUR HISTORYUNSERE GESCHICHTE – OUR HISTORYUNSERE GESCHICHTE – OUR HISTORYUNSERE GESCHICHTE – OUR HISTORYUNSERE GESCHICHTE – OUR HISTORY SEESPITZ-Hebauf-Feier 67